Xbox One X: The World’s Most Powerful Console Design

What will make the difference of Xbox One X compared to the rest of the desserts will be the 6 Teraflops of its processor, its ability to reproduce frames with a memory width of 356 GB / s and its performance of 12GB GDDR5 graphics memory. That is phenomenal and we already know the games that we will take advantage of, but it is time to see something more trivial: what new developments will we see in its design?

We knew that its color would be matte black (which contrasts with the white of Xbox One S), but now we have much clearer the appearance of the most powerful (and small) Xbox ever seen.

The first thing to note is that, as in Xbox One S, we can put the Xbox One X in vertical thanks to a support that we can dock on one side. A great little detail for those who take care of the feng shui of your living room, or who simply have little space near your TV.

Now, the grids on the top of the Xbox One and Xbox One S shells disappear: console ventilation will now be done from the sides, leaving a more simple, minimalist and at the same time elegant look to the console If we choose to leave it horizontal.

As for dimensions, it will be somewhat more compact than the Xbox One S in width, length and height, although the change of size will not be as contrasted as seen in the original model. Now, the disk slot will be found on the step that separates the two floors of the console maintaining that grateful physical button that we could see in the previous review.

The less visible side (if we do not have the base of the console) will reveal the same number of external ports. Microsoft seems to be very clear that Kinect is not one of the strengths of its system, although it is possible to use it through an adapter, and the biggest difference we will find in a change in the distribution of the ports so that they are now in the part Higher if we have the console lying down.

As is tradition, the Microsoft team will send a polite greeting from Redmond through their hardware. In this case it will be something more visible than in the Xbox One S, finding the traditional Hello from Seattle on the same side that we will use to couple the vertical stand.

Finally, the Xbox One Controller will be the same that we could see in Xbox One S: an always grateful greater range of Bluetooth and the possibility to connect it to any device with Windows 10 in a simple way, maintaining the same design as the one seen from the first Xbox One and with its Hello from Seattle in the battery slot.

Many innovations and palpable differences with respect to the latest version of the Microsoft desktop, although the best will be what you can offer on-screen: 4K real game, a collection of unparalleled games keeping the visas in the current generation of Microsoft And retrieving jewelry from the catalog of its two previous systems. For now, Xbox One X will be available starting next November 7.


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